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Ice creams and sorbets are fun products. Distribution requires a sub-zero cold circuit.


Sorbets, ice creams and ice lollies, fun and easy to produce…

Sorbets, ice creams and ice lollies require a sub-zero cold chain at -18°C for distribution. Ice lollies are fun products for young customers, easy to produce and with an attractive cost. Sorbets and ice cream are aimed at consumers with more purchasing power, or at ice cream parlours and restaurants. The SIA company can offer various packages such as bulk, small pots or extrusion lines for chocolate-covered ice cream bars with a freezing tunnel.

SIA offers complete lines for preparation, pasteurisation and proliferation.

Ice cream

Ice cream is a refreshing product that must be kept frozen at a temperature of -18°C to -20°C. Its distribution and sale require a special network of trucks and freezers. Ice cream is a mixture of water (55 to 65%), fat (10 to 15%) and different ingredients. After leaving the freezer, the ice cream is packaged in tubs or pots. The production of ice cream bars requires filling bar-shaped moulds or simply using extrusion technology.



Sorbet is made with technology similar to ice cream. The difference between the products is their composition. Sorbet is made with fruit puree.


Ice lollies

Ice lollies are made from frozen flavoured drinks. They can be packaged as a covered bar, which is expensive and must be frozen, or in plastic bags that can be stored at room temperature before freezing at the time of distribution and consumption. This is a simple installation for a product aimed at young people.

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