Design of Mayonnaise & Ketchup factory in Africa

Specialised production units for mayonnaise and ketchup

Mayonnaise and Ketchup can be produced with the same equipments. Other material, more simple, allow production for Mayonnaise only.

mayonnaise plant in jar africa
Mayonnaise jar
mayonnaise factory in stick africa
Mayonnaise stick
Ketchup factory in africa
Ketchup bottle
Ketchup plant in stick in africa
Ketchup stick
Ketchup mayonnaise factory Africa

SIA, designer and installer of turnkey food processing factories in Africa, offers a comprehensive range of lines and processes to produce mayonnaise and ketchup widely consumed in Africa.

Very attractives and consumed products, mayonnaise and ketchup are the condiments basics, easy to produce and store.

SIA realizes turnkey plants for Mayonnaise and Ketchup. We can also propose equipment for Mayonnaise production only.
Africa mayonnaise ketchup plant

Mayonnaise factory

Mayonnaise is a cold emulsion of oil into aqueous phase. Adding of eggs or other emulsifiers allows to preserve the texture of the product during several months after production.

Ketchup factory in africa

Ketchup factory

Ketchup like other sauces is a mix obtained with cooking.
This product can be filled in many different formats such as jar, sachets, PET or glass bottle…

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An mayonnaise or ketchup factory project in Africa?