Importers, create a food processing factory to secure your sales

Are you a food importer in Africa? Are you experiencing significant limitations on imports into your country? Are you looking to secure your supplies and improve stock levels at points of sale? Do you want to grow your business by creating your own yoghurt, milk or spread brands?

There is an alternative to take back control of your business: whilst continuing to import some products from various brands, create your own products in Africa with your own brands. Become competitive again with lower prices and tackle market developments.

African importers creation of an agro-food factory in Africa

Manufacturing your products instead of importing them, the miracle solution?

In recent years, we have seen a phenomenon disrupting the strategic import sector in Africa. This includes the emergence of several macro-economic but also political factors:

  • Creation of taxes on imported products, encouraging local production at the expense of import;
  • Problems with maritime transport times for containers, causing regular delays and stock outages;
  • The environmental impact of imports, with maritime traffic increasingly challenged due to its COconsumption;
  • The tension and fragility of the banking sector in terms of African currencies, which are too often lacking for governments.

The business model of your import companies is called into question, and ultimately the points of sale and consumers at the end of the chain experience stock outages, limiting your growth, and even causing you to lose market share.

Your role as importer can shift towards a half-import, half-manufacturing product mix. this is where our company, sia, a creator of turnkey factories in africa, offers its services. together and for the future.

why should an african importer create their own food processing factory?


Making your business sustainable by overcoming import barriers, by manufacturing products instead of importing them…


Securing your revenue through more regular and secure flows, avoiding the use of national currencies which fluctuate too much.


Increasing your margins, notably through the windfall effect of European export subsidies for raw materials (powdered milk, etc.))

Carbon impact

Reducing your carbon footprint by relocating production and only importing the materials required for production.

Conquer mature and dynamic markets with SIA…

African producers, conquer new markets and entrust your project to the SIA teams, a leader in turnkey factory design in Africa for many years.

You’ll love the 360° approach of our research office, which builds high-speed production lines every year in several countries in Africa: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Ethiopia, Congo, Angola, etc.

Looking to create a soft drink, milk or cheese factory in Africa?

Contact SIA, an expert in comprehensive food production factory creation solutions.

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