Design of dairy products factory in Africa

Sterilised milk, pasteurised milk, yoghurt, condensed milk, processed cheese, cheese analogue…

Dairy products are the primary food industry worldwide. In Africa, there is a long tradition of consuming fermented products.

Dairy factory in Africa: sterilized milk
Sterilised milk
Dairy factory in Africa: pasteurized milk
UHT milk
Dairy factory africa pasteurized milk
Pasteurized milk
Dairy factory in Africa: condensed milk
Concentrated milk
Dairy factory in Africa: yogurt
Dairy factory in Africa: processed cheese
Processed cheese
Dairy factory in Africa: cheese analogue
Cheese analogues
And many, many more.
Africa dairy products factory design

SIA, designer and installer of turnkey food processing factories in Africa, offers a comprehensive range of lines and processes to produce dairy products widely consumed in Africa and often with long shelf lives.

We have experience in manufacturing the following products:

  • UHT long-life sterilised milk,
  • Pasteurised milk,
  • Sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk,
  • Traditional, stirred and flavoured yogurts, with or without fruit, drinking yogurts,
  • Processed cheese,
  • Cheese analogues.
SIA covers all dairy products currently consumed in Africa.
Africa long life milk plant design

Sterilised milk factory

UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature) is a long-life product filled in asceptic package allowing distribution and storage at ambient temperature during several months after production.

Sterilized milk is the second technology allowing the production of long-life milk. It is produced with filling in HDPE bottle before sterilization in a rotary retort.

Africa pasteurized milk factory design

Pasteurised milk factory

Pasteurised milk is easier to produce and less expensive in terms of packaging. Its disadvantage is that it must be distributed via the cold chain system at +4°C and stored at a low temperature. Pasteurised milk must be produced, distributed and purchased every day.

Africa condensed milk plant design

Condensed milk factory

Sweetened or unsweetened types of concentrated milk are two milk preservation techniques that are very different from each other, and usually packaged in metal tins. For unsweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk, the milk concentration is achieved during the powdering process for reconstituted milk or by evaporation, then the metal tin is sterilised in an autoclave. Sweetened condensed milk is a yellowish product with a very high sugar concentration which allows it to have a long shelf life.

Africa yoghurt factory design

Yoghurt factory

Two technologies are available: set yogurt or traditional yogurt (plain or flavoured, sweetened or unsweetened) and stirred yogurt packaged in pre-formed or thermoformed cups. A third product exists that is very popular in hot countries. It is drinkable yogurt which is usually flavoured and filled in PET or HDPE bottles, or if local regulation allows it, in plastic sachets.

SIA also owns the technology to obtain « long-life yogurts » which can be storred during several months at ambient temperature.

Africa processed cheese factory design

Processed cheese factory

Processed cheese is obtained by melting cheeses together with milk products and milk proteins. While the “triangle” shape is the most traditional and most developed, it is also the most expensive in terms of investment. Other less expensive packaging might be considered: rectangular cheese or cheese in a container.

African cheese factory design

Cheese analogue factory

Worldwide, the consumption of pizza, cheeseburgers and lasagne is increasing. Cheese is ubiquitous in these products: gouda, emmental, mozzarella, etc. However, these cheeses are replaced with speciality cheeses made from milk proteins and palm oil which are simpler and less costly to produce. A simple production process and a moderate investment allow for production of all cheeses in blocks, as wheels or grated.

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