Design of butter & margarine factory in Africa

Turnkey specialised production units

Margarine is the most commonly used fat for cooking and spreading. Butter is little used in Africa as it must be kept in a refrigerator.

African butter production line
African margarine production line
Butter & margarine factory design in Africa

Margarine has supplanted butter in africa, as in Europe (France 49% – 51%).

The variety of margarines – whether for cooking or as spreads, with low cholesterol, with various local or imported oils and mixtures containing 20 to 75% water – means that consumers can be offered a wide range of finished products to satisfy any demand. The SIA company has extensive experience and numerous references from complete margarine factories for the biggest brands distributed throughout the continent.

SIA production units are designed for continuous operation with an output of between.
2 and 5 tonnes per hour.
Africa butter factory design

Butter factory

Butter is produced from 100% animal fat. Its shelf life is limited and it must always be kept in the cold chain at +4°C. Animal fat can come from skimming milk (cow, zebu, goat, etc.) or imported animal fat (butter oil). Its production is mainly reserved for countries with a large production of dairy products.

Africa margarine factory design

Margarine factory

Margarine is a water and fat emulsion containing at least 80% fat. Different products can be obtained with as little as 25% fat content, depending on the intended use. Products for spreading and cooking, products just for spreading, industrial, etc. Depending on the formulas used, margarine can be stored at room temperature for several months. The most commonly used packaging, depending on the use, are trays or pots, then wafers and buckets between 5 and 25 kg or bulk.

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