Your food project in Africa Since 2004, SIA has been supporting you in the creation of your factory.

SIA is not only a supplier of equipment. SIA supports you throughout all phases of your project, especially during the most delicate: learning to adapt to local production and distribution conditions, researching the most suitable equipment, installation and commissioning, as well as training and maintenance.

& Design
Installation &
Training &
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Research & Design

Engineers from our integrated research department determine the processes and equipment suitable for the implementation of your industrial project. We can also assist you in designing your buildings and infrastructure.


Installation & Commissioning

From the delivery of equipment to the installation of production facilities, the SIA teams rely on local expertise. The start-up of a food factory is a delicate operation. The product must be of perfect quality from the first day onward. That’s why our technicians perform numerous tests on site with you.

formation maintenance usine afriqueTraining & Maintenance

The first moments of production start-up are often critical. They shape the image of your brand. SIA supports you during this start-up phase and helps you to develop recipes and train your staff.

accompagnement sourcing usine afriqueSourcing & Support

SIA is also able to support you throughout the entirety of your industrial investment project. In particular, we offer a sourcing operation to search for suppliers of raw materials and packaging.

Want to invest in the food industry in Africa?

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Want to invest in the food industry in Africa?