Soybeans are the cheapest protein to produce and the equatorial climate is ideal for its cultivation.

The least expensive protein to produce…

Many African countries already have part of their protein consumption covered, for both humans and animals, thanks to locally produced soybeans. Starting with seeds, SIA can provide you with extraction to produce soya milk, then turn it into milk products (long-life milk, flavoured milk, yogurts, desserts, etc.), or equally use it in the manufacture of oil (margarine, mayonnaise), processed products (steaks, meatballs, cannelloni, etc.) or flour (cookies, etc.).

Soybeans are the ideal, future protein for the african continent.

Factories for soybean-based products

SIA can offer all product lines using soybeans (milk, long-life milk, yogurts, etc.) in a similar fashion to lines using raw materials from animals. SIA can also assist its clients in more general projects, coordinating soybean cultivation, storage, seed farms and extraction for production of a neutral, odourless milk which is ready for processing. These ambitious and expensive projects first merit a financing study.

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Planning a soybean factory in Africa?